Venetia is a photographer and filmmaker whose close observations of friends and family relations have garnered considerable exposure since the publication of her books. Her photographs often oscillate between the intimacies of friendship and kinship ties on the one hand, and the wider landscape on the other, serving to contextualise her subjects and asking the viewer to reflect on the way of life in the places she moves through. Her published books, “Somerset Stories, Five Penny Dreams” 2004 – 2008, “Glastonbury Another Stage”, 2003 – 2009 and her subsequent “Eight Days” 2010 project continue to be shown internationally.

Venetia documented the people of Glastonbury Festival between 2003 and 2009 with a portable studio, capturing the personas that make up the fabric of this extraordinary midsummer gathering. Glastonbury Festival is the largest performing arts festival in the world situated in the Vale of Avalon.

The chance to exhibit Venetia’s stunning photos is yours. If you’re interested, contact Sharon Price of The Curators – 07791 253407