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Jocelyn Bain Hogg – The Firm

The Firm is a searing photographic document and a window into the world of organised crime in Britain. It was shot over four years by Jocelyn Bain Hogg, looking at different aspects of the underworld. Remarkably, he managed to capture the characters and faces of those who pull the strings in the mob world on film for everyone to see. The project received instant recognition and acclaim.

The Firm


Chris Floyd

Chris Floyd is a British photographer and film maker known for his celebrity portraiture and studies of musicians and Hollywood A- listers. In 2011, Chris published a project entitled One Hundred and Forty Characters. Over a period of a year he made contact with 140 people that he followed on Twitter and photographed each of them in his London studio. The project received worldwide recognition and acclaim, with features about it on the BBC, Newsweek, The Guardian, Sunday Times, Elle, Esquire and many other publications and websites.

Chris Floyd

One Hundred and Forty Characters


London Street Photography Festival

The London Street Photography Festival, in conjunction with Peter Dench and Homer Sykes, champions great photography and displays work from budding photographers across the world.

Peter and Homer have also done a workshop together, as well as a series of talks and book signings.

Homer Sykes


Donald Weber – Interrogations

Donald Weber is a multi-award-winning photographer and the insightful explorations conveyed in his work are highly regarded. Donald has taken very balanced and honest accounts of places such as Chernobyl and Kosovo, giving insight to the masses that was previously unavailable.



Rokas Darulis

Rokas is a fashion and portrait photographer based in London. Rokas favours black and white photography, producing striking, crystal clear shots. Rokas, in conjunction with The Curators, produced a fashion show at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds in 2013.

Fashion Show


Ewen Spencer – Grime

Ewen Spencer, a renowned pop culture photographer, produced a photo document of the UK grime music scene – a sub-genre of hip-hop music that is fast-increasing in popularity and recognition.



Olly Moss – Mondo

Olly Moss is a poster designer who lives in Winchester, UK. Olly’s striking style and clever use of minimalism have breathed new life into well-known film franchises. His work rejuvenates classics such as Star Wars, Rocky and The Jungle Book in a way you’ve never seen before.


Brian Duffy – Bowie Exhibition (alongside V&A)

Brian Duffy is an acclaimed still photographer and filmmaker with strong views on still photography. He has produced some incredible work, including a stunning project with David Bowie.



Tom Stoddart

Tom’s long and varied career has seen him document wars and major political and social events including the fall of the Berlin Wall and the wars against Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Tom’s work captures iconic moments in time brilliantly, and his work is much celebrated.

Tom Stoddart


Gered Mankowitz – Hendrix

Gered has been a keen photographer from a young age, turning a passion and natural flair for it into a highly successful career. Among his many projects photographing icons, The Curators has exhibited his project on rock legend Jimi Hendrix, shot in 1967 at Mason’s Yard, London.



Laura Pannack

Laura is a British social documentary and portrait photographer based in London and has received awards for her work and staged a number of critically received solo exhibitions. Her works are long-term projects often of children and teenagers and include Young Love and Young British Naturists.

Laura Pannack


Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons is best-known for his positive portrayals when taking pictures of the rich and famous, both before and after serving as a photographer for the US military magazine, Yank, during World War II.

Slim Aarons


Graham Watson

Graham travels the world going from prestigious sporting event to prestigious sporting event to photograph cycling and cyclists. Graham worked with The Curators during the Welcome to Yorkshire Tour De France Cultural Festival, which also saw the premiere of a film on the life and tragic death of world-beating cyclist, Marco Pantani.

Graham Watson

Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist


John Bulmer

John was a pioneer of colour photography from its very early days and worked for some of the best regarded titles for photographic content in the world. John’s quick adoption of colour saw him highly sought after by national press and saw him travel to over 100 countries over the space of his career.

John Bulmer


The Curators has also worked extensively with Opera North and has premiered a Benito Bel Torres film in association with Saatchi and Havana Club International.

Ongoing relationships we have and continue to develop include Getty Images, Hungry Eye Magazine, Miniclick and Portrait Salon.