Justin Leighton

Justin Leighton

Cities at night

Justin Leighton has been a photographer and filmmaker for over 25 years. Justin’s creative eye and intrepid spirit have taken him on a successful, diverse, and at times personally challenging journey through the world of photography and filmmaking.

His early career saw him commissioned by some of the world’s most prestigious publications to cover the extremes of the Balkan conflict, the first Gulf War, the Good Friday Agreement and the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. His extraordinary work marked him out and he joined Network Photographers, a prestigious collective of some of the best photojournalists of the 20th century. In 1997 he won Nikon’s Press Photographer of the Year.

This exhibition showcases some of the world’s most recognisable cities at night, using innovative lighting, and resulting in a spectacular outcome. The photos manage to show us places we know, but in a different way, capturing the imagination.

The chance to exhibit Justin’s stunning photos is yours. If you’re interested, contact Sharon Price of The Curators – sharon@the-curators.co.uk 07791 253407